Monday, 8 August 2011

What’s that sound?

Now I’m starting to play around with buttons in recording studio. Lately I’ve been working on two background demo tracks, which are going to be the first and the last songs in PHP’s upcoming album. Next I will start working on two other demo tracks, which currently are scheduled to be on the second and the third place on the track list. I’m planning to record vocals for the first four demo versions in the end of August. I just booked two days for that stuff. I would also love to do some acoustic video demos of the songs, but let’s see how my guitar skills will improve. Lately I have been acting like a kid in a candy store learning to play drum pads and guitar like I’ve never played before.

It’s been a slow start, but things are finally progressing. I’m learning Ableton live 8, which I already love very much. It seems like a perfect tool for my taste. I play keyboards, record the lines and improvise on top the tracks. It’s fun to play around with tracks and move them into different places. Me being a nerd, it’s just amazing to be able to create music with a computer, virtual instruments and synths. I keep listening to different songs and asking what’s that sound. If only I had all my days reserved for music, I’d be in a nerd’s computed heaven.

Last week we had our first PHP related meeting with my visual team; the amazing fashion designer Anne-Mari Pahkala from Illusion Costumes and the photographer Nina Maaninka. Anne-Mari has designed and made the last two stage costumes I wore with Tuvalu and I am really looking forward to seeing what she will design for Passing Human Parade. Nina has shot many of my photos. She has also helped Tuvalu by taking the commercial photos of Tuvalu necklace designed by Jenni Kangas from Anna Pusu Design. Together we are now planning a photo shoot for PHP and there are also some thoughts of a music video. I´ll keep you informed how things are progressing.

I’m really excited by all the things which are now happening, but It’s no secret I miss Tuvalu. People have been asking when Tuvalu will play live again. I really don’t have any answers. I can only say I miss the boys, I miss playing gigs, I miss you, but we have agreed to have a break and I don’t know how long it will last. I wish all the best for all people who have been so kind to us and supported us so far. I am grateful that I have been part of Tuvalu so many years, I am grateful that I have had amazing people around me, from whom I’ve learned so much in life and in music. I am grateful for all the new people who have entered to my life lately, I have found again many friends I thought were lost in time and got so many great new ones. I feel this is a beginning of a new and inspiring era. I have no idea where this will lead, but what matters is the journey, not the goal. Most of all I am grateful for my new muse for entering my life. So many beautiful things to get inspired from. 

Well, busy weeks ahead, let there be demos available soon.

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