Sunday, 18 July 2010

This is where it begins

When I write lyrics, I write a lot. For a finished, recorded song, there might be between twenty and thirty different versions of lyrics with completely different stories. Where do all these stories go? That is a good question. When I read them afterwards, I notice they form another kind of reality, their own little universe, which is different from the one we have recorded with Tuvalu. But still it is there and it wants to be heard and brought to this level of existence with a melody attached.

When I moved to Helsinki in May, my little universe began to live a life of its own. I woke up in the middle of the night and I kept hearing new verses, new melodies, I understood there was a continuation from the lyrics I had already written, but now more was coming. Something just wanted to come out from me, through me, it wanted to become visible, my head was just filled with little stories which were haunting me until I made them appear in a musical form.

I did not want to hide my little wonderland in drawers at my desk. I believe all stories have their meaning and if they don’t fit into a framework created for the needs of one project, there must be another channel for them. Passing Human Parade is my alternative channel to explore my musical frontiers. I’m now working with ten little stories and together they seem to form a theme which I’ve given a work title "Satire"

You are warmly welcomed to follow online how my project proceeds.

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